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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Taking the plunge

Writing your first entry is a bit daunting. I feel like I should have some momentous plan or purpose for my blog. I guess it is really a way to gather together all the elements and people in my life. I have two homes Ireland all my lovely friends there and Perth, Australia  and my family and new friends here. Two places on opposite ends of the globe are bound to create some sense of emotional disorder. I also have parents in Spain and my oldest school friend lives in Sydney. I know historically Women who followed their partners out here found letters ‘home’ an essential part of their wellbeing. I have sent letters since I moved in 2006. But lets face it they are a dying art. This is the age of email, Twitter and Facebook. I have decided blogging is the way to go for me. Everyone is included family, friends and all those who stumble into my life and it’s interests.
The other purpose of my blog is launching my business

Paper Wishes by Amanda.

I am going to be producing and selling paper goods - cards, gift tags, notebooks, tiny, pretty, paper things. The stuff we all buy to decorate and organise our lives - making notes, pegging or pining ‘stuff’ up, - keeping together the ephemera of daily life. I guess it’s a girl thing isn’t it gathering together and creating some kind of order from all those elements of our multi layered lives - kids, work, ‘Coffee- buns’*, dishes, cooking, shopping, loving, laughing, eating, we do most of the remembering don’t we what has run out in the fridge, our Mother in laws birthday, who has what in their sandwich and just where is that very important thing the kids abandoned last week and need more than life right this minute!
Well that’s what I am going to make stuff to keep your life together - notes and greetings. That, together with Coffee and of course chocolate keeps us sane.
Well the first blog is over whew! Now I can relax into it. A final note on grammar not something I ever excelled at and not something I am going to let impinge on the pleasure of my blogging, so be prepared for ‘creative grammar’!
*Definition: “Coffee buns” used to describe those moments of indulgence, warmth and wonderful conversation between people over a hot drink and something sweet and yummy. Can be taken at home or in a public place. (This word comes from a very special lady one of the sanest most positive people I have had the joy to know)

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  1. It makes me want to go to Australia for the coffee-buns alone...warm, funny, friendly and the pics are very lovely also. Congrats! may many good comments and tons of orders follow very soon. x