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Thursday, 29 September 2011

A Rainbow of colour

‘The plunge’ was obviously not the prelude to a flood of writing!

I’ve been busy making stock, as opposed to blogging which is obviously not going to be prolific! It was a distracting week as the house we rent was sold within 7 days! We are a bit disorientated and will have the hassle of moving soon. Life always sends bolts out of the blue and as they go this is a minor upheaval.

I’ve been distracting myself from it all by working on gift tags for two of my ranges: Enchanted, with fairies and mermaids and Wonderland which is Alice themed. All of them are quite romantic and vintage looking. As it is not ‘serious art’ who cares, it can just be gorgeous instead.

It is strange working with stamps after years of being a photographer, I realized they have a distinct relationship. A stamp is a latent image and there is a negative-positive element to the production of a finished piece. I have also gravitated naturally to composing through a mechanically reproduced image, rather than those that are painted or drawn.

After years of black and white and muted colours I am really enjoying working with lots of colours - matching ribbons, threads, inks and card. A pastel rainbow is covering my desk.

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