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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Hording or Letting go of your Favorite paper

Like most people who make cards I have shelves of paper lining my workspace walls. There is always a a new design that I just have to get. Sometimes I buy paper because it is practical and useful like a neutral background design but often it is illustrative designs that draw me to it. This card uses a piece of paper I have been hording for ages - 'Trail Mix' from Bo Bunny. I love the colours in this and all the vintage bird ephemera. Once bought no project seems to be the right moment to use the precious paper. Then when I have committed to using it I have to settle on what section of the design.  For this card the tinted bird won. It takes more time choosing the 'right' piece of paper than the whole construction time.  I am definitely not good at quick cards!
I mounted this on a piece of embossed Kraft core paper and added a little green distress ink to the edges and to the raised embossed areas on the Kraft core. The sentiment is stamped in sbrown and green distress ink onto a torn scrap of old book paper, there is a tiny 22 on it. Now I need an occasion to use the card and I wonder is it still technically hording until I give the card away?


  1. What a gorgeous card! I love this paper!

    Ha! Ha! I fully understand! No, I would not classify as hoarding; you have found a USE for your beautiful papers! Now, what I do IS hoarding! I did manage to give away 50% of my paper, but I still have a shelf FULL of papers I couldn't possibly use and really know in my heart I won't in a lifetime.

    1. Your in good company! I think all crafters have too much paper. Whats funny is even with more choice than most scrapbooking shops it still takes ages to find the piece that is 'just right.' x